Plunger Tip AMP

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The plunger tip is a critical element of aluminum die casting process. Its successful operation depends on a number of factors. The most important factor is its efficient interaction with a round, straight, thermally and therefore dimensionally stable shot sleeve.

Castool’s plunger tips were developed a number of years ago by Allper of Switzerland.  Castool purchased Allper in 2009. The AMP is excellent for large machines from 100 mm up to 200 mm in diameter. The demands of the plunger tip, particularly in strength and stability, outgrew the Allper Ring Plunger ARP.



  • Prevent alloy from penetrating between the shot sleeve and plunger prolonging tooling life
  • Move smoothly and consistently with a minimum of lubrication through the shot sleeve bore increasing casting properties
  • Maintain a secure seal with the shot sleeve wall necessary for an effective vacuum to be drawn reducing porosity
  • Cool the biscuit quickly to reduce cycle times


Benefits of the Allper Plunger Tip 

  • Reduce cost per shot
  • Increase plunger life
  • Increase shot sleeve life
  • Improve vacuum seal
  • Reduce flash
  • Reduce scrap rate
  • Reduce downtime


With the Allper Plunger Tip, Castool again sets a new standard of excellence in the die cast industry. Results may vary depending on individual press characteristics and setup.