Plunger design meets caster requirements

Plunger design excels in cast requirements

Alutopia Article - Tooling System for Precision Tubing

Injection System for Silafont (Structure Alloy)

Plunger System for Silafont

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High Pressure Die Casting Structural Aluminum

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Recycle as a Last Resort

Cleaner production practices have become the norm in today's environmentally conscious society.



Die Heating Program Alum Times, Sep 2010

Most extruders today are not yet using single cell die ovens, despite their obvious advantages. If an extruder has made a satisfactory profit for many years while using a chest oven, it is naturally hard for extruder to become presuaded that they will benefit by the installation of several single cell die ovens.

Where is the extruder?

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Cast Metal and Diecasting Times

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Better Interaction, Key to Better Die Casting

The Hidden Heart of Die Casting

The role of the plunger system in the die casting process is deceptively simple. Molten alloy is poured into one end of the shot sleeve and pushed out the other end. This is done repeatedly and as quickly as possible.

The Time Is Now For Vacuum-Assisted Die Casting

Just now, immediately following the global economic meltdown, we are entering a period of unprecedented and virtually unlimited opportunity for the aluminum die casting industry.

Commentary by Paul Robins - A time of unmatched opportunity

Castool moved to Uxbridge from Scarborough in November 2006. We employ 86 skilled people. The move has been very good for the company, our employees and Uxbridge.

Vacuum-Assisted Die Casting: Today's Most Significant Technology

The Challenge of a Demanding Market

Just now, about 70 percent of all the light metal castings produced in North America are for the automotive industry. This figure will come no surprise to any die caster, nor will the tact that the auto industry is extremely demanding. Vendors must provide their product with perfect quality, in complete orders, and on time..every time. This is understood and accepted by all suppliers and would-be suppliers to the automotive industry.