Today's Understanding of the Function and Benefits of Dummy Block Design

The Design Benefits of a Thermally Stable Container

Tooling System for Precision Tubing

Dummy Block Redefined for Precision Tubing

The Critical Interaction of the Dummy Block and Container in Modern Extrusion Presses

Container and Dummy Block Interaction

The Extrusion Press Container: Thermal Stability of the Liner Not Uniformity of the Container Mantle

Quick Response Container Manages the Die

Aside from holding the billet during the push, the main purpose of the quick response container is to manage the temperature of the die during extrusion, writes Paul Robbins of Castool Tooling Systems.

Aluminum Extrusion as a Maturing Indusrty

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Extrusion review since ET in Orlando in 2008

The past four years, since the ET of 2008, began with much of the business world reeling from the impact of the disastrous monetary crisis. The extrusion industry, like any other, was certainly not left untouched. This particular period, however, marked a time of significant change in the industry we serve that is unmatched in its history.

It's a great time to be an extruder!

This really is a great time to be an extruder. Just now the global market for light metal extrusion is expanding at a faster rate than at any time in the history of our industry. In the automotive, rapid transit, and high speed rail sectors, for example, there are a growing number of design engineers who will be using light metal extrusion for the first time.
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The Ultimate Extrusion Tooling System for Maximum RAM Speed and Minimum Unscheduled Downtime

In the practical science of light metal extrusion, the single uncontrollable limiting factor in the quest for maximum productivity is the maximum speed at which the metallurgy of the alloy being used will permit it to form saleable product with the required profile. All else in the entire production system is controllable.

A day in the working life of an Extrusion Product Manager

Dan Dunn, Extrusion Product Manager from Castool discusses his global client base after being delayed in Western Europe due to the Icelandic volcano eruption in April 2010.

A Complete Tool Package Can Speed the Extrusion Process

This presentation by Paul Robbins General Manager of Castool Tooling Systems, an international supplier to the extrusion industry, based in Canada, demonstrates that all parts of the extrusion process must function closely together as a cohesive system, if maximum productivity is to be achieved.

Castool awarded funding grant for major project in Israel

SHL-Alubin is the biggest light metal extruder in Israel, with a monthly output of about 1,000 tonnes. Currently, the company primarily uses soft alloys in their production.