Quick Response Container

type === 'product'): ?> body)): ?> field_label_description)): ?> Quick Response Container for better extrusion:

The QR Container reflects new knowledge of the extrusion process gained during its development, combined with the most basic laws of physics. The logic of the design of this Castool temperature controlled container is unassailable.


  • Maintain liner 30C (50F) below billet temperature to reduce direct billet surface inflow onto the profile, reducing scrap from surface finish.
  • Increase the billet/container differential towards the back end, and controlling shape, especially waving of wide thin extrusions.
  • Reduce container and die slide effect on die temperature and resulting profile run-out, reducing scrap from shape deformation
  • Stabilize container and container housing temperatures which effect hot press alignment
  • Minimize energy usage and extend life of container mantle, liner and dummy block



The function of the container is to hold the billet while being pushed through the extrusion die by the dummy block. And better control temperature throughout the process.


Benefits of the Castool QR Container

  • Provide uniform flow of alloy through the die
  • Reduce cost of operation
  • Reduce scrap
  • Reduces downtime
  • Increases productivity
  • Makes isothermal extrusion attainable
  • Increases operating life