Software for Extrusion

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Castool's Visual Optimization system (VOS) has been developed to provide extruders with a completely integrated recipe management system with minimal user interface.

Castool has been working with various extruders to make this interface user friendly.  It empowers the press operator by providing a global overview of the press heartbeat and core recipe parameters. 

The operator is able to update the recipe parameters on the fly.  The production management staff can also be very actively involved with the process as the VOS can be remotely viewed from an computer on the plant network.

It can be easily extended to the business end software for production scheduling, Die tooling management, and production report generation.

VOS is backed by a high-performance Scada server which can communicate with various PLC's with minimal load on the plant network.

The software has an integrated billet calculator as well.

The VOS can also be used as the master controller for the Castool ovens, hence allowing the operator a global status overview of the die heating in the ovens.

All of the software features have been developed by listening to the extruders.

The result is a very user friendly, reliable software; where the information can be centrally accessed by various levels of the production, with a gain in production at various levels along the extrusion line.