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Our in-house metallurgist has assembled this chart, which outlines many of the materials used at Castool and by the industries we serve.

We have outlined the chemistry, strength, toughness, critical temperatures, thermal conductivity and cost factor to help make your decision easier



Castool tends to single source most materials whenever possible. Swiss Steel is our main supplier for hot work tool steels, forged products and stainless steel. These include H-13, Tuff-Temper, Con-Duct, 1.2367, 1.2343 etc.

Swiss Steel Group includes Ascometal, Finkl Steel, Steeltec, Deutsche Edelstahlwerke, Ugitech and Swiss Steel.

Schmelzmetall is the exclusive supplier for all Castool’s Beryllium-Copper and copper products. All are vacuum forged and heat treated to provide the longest useful life for the industries we serve.

Castool uses these sources in Canada, Thailand, Morocco and Mexico.

Heat treatment, nitration and other post processes are also very important. Castool has evolved the recipes over the last 50 years to provide long life, balancing wear and ductility. These recipes are the same in Canada, Thailand, Morocco and Mexico.

We vacuum harden and quench all hot work tool steels to give the best possible microstructures. The chemistry and microstructure are examined and saved by our in-house laboratory.

Many of our products also receive post heat treatment process, such as nitration and 3P, which add to wear resistance and extend time to failure.

Castool makes die casting and extrusion better.

Results may vary depending on individual press characteristics and setup.