Shear Blades

Shear Blades

During the extrusion stroke, as the ram and the dummy block press the billet through the container, the oxides and other impurities from the skin of the billet are accumulated in the dead metal zone. The dead metal zone, which is full of impurities, must be sheared off before the next billet is loaded.
A properly designed and clean shear is vital for extrusion quality. It can eliminate blister and reduce surface contaminates. Too often the shear blade is not given sufficient attention in terms of design, use and maintenance.


To separate extrusion butt which contain oxides and impurities


To eliminate blister due to pull out from die ports and feeder from die

To eliminate extrusion flaring due to smearing of alloy across die face


Replaceable two-piece blade design to reduce cost

Specific blade design for soft, medium and hard alloys