Shot Sleeves

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The shot sleeve is a critical element of aluminum die cast process. For maximum productivity, and also maximum operating life for both shot sleeve and plunger tip, the plunger must consistently move smoothly, and at a steady speed through a perfectly round, straight, shot sleeve.  This does not always happen, however, because when heated, metal expands.  If partially filled with hot molten alloy, the shot sleeve will become distorted.


  • Stabilize temperatures to maintain a round and straight shot sleeve, so that plunger tip can seal on shot sleeve wall, extending tooling life
  • Allow plunger to move through the shot sleeve smoothly and consistently, reducing scrap
  • Provide a long life minimizing unscheduled downtime


The function of the shot sleeve is to contain the molten aluminum being pushed into the mold by the plunger tip.


Benefits of Controlling the Shot Sleeve

  • Reduces scrap
  • Aids consistent shot cycle
  • Extends life of shot sleeve
  • Extends life of plunger tip
  • Cooling automatically controlled
  • Can be re-used on replacement shot sleeves


With the Thermally Controlled Shot Sleeve,  Castool again sets a new standard of excellence in the die cast industry. Results may vary depending on individual press characteristics and setup.