Die Casting

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Die Casting machine.

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Any die caster knows how to produce large, thin, convoluted aluminum castings for the automotive industry. It is already being done quite satisfactorily and profitably in large quantities. There are no secrets.

Knowing how to do it and actually doing it, however, are two very different things. When theory is finally replaced by reality, the most fundamental precept of die casting can be found in the old adage: a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

Shot Sleeves

Shot sleeve with M-Loop. A clear tube with metal inside.


Plunger Tips

Different sizes of Plunger tips, made with steel and copper.


Plunger Rod

A long Plunger rod where you can see the inside of the rod. Blue tube and copper tube run inside of it.


Die Cast Lubrication

A inside look at a die casting rod, showing the rod, combi and drop.


Vacuum System

A CasTool vacuum system on wheels. A large white machine with a digital control screen on the side.


Bore Welding Shot Sleeves

Bore welding shot sleeves. A shot sleeve in action with lights on and a bar down the middle of it.


Pressure Testing

A round blue logo with red Pressure Tested and Flow tested wrote on it. In the middle of the circle is a green bar with a blue CasTool Tooling System logo in the centre.


Better Castings Faster

Many of Castool products and processes are Patended.

Castool has done excellent work over the years and as a result of the superior quality and performance of our tools, we patented some of our outstanding works.

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