Better Castings and Profiles Faster

Capacities & Capabilities

VERTICAL TURNING 74” dia x 72” (1880 mm dia x 1830 mm) 40 Ton
HORIZONTAL MILLING 80” x 80” x 100” (2032 x 2032 x 2540 mm) 40 Ton
CNC TURNING 30” dia x 15’ (762 mm dia x 4572 mm)
DRILLING 20” dia x 70” (508 mm dia x 1778 mm)
GUN DRILLING 2” dia x 70” (50.8 mm dia x 1778 mm)
HONING 20” dia x 100” (508 mm dia x 2540 mm)
WIRE EDM 24” x 30” x 14” (609 mm x 762 mm x 355 mm)
SAW CUTTING 32” x 32” (812 mm x 812 mm)
HEAT TREATMENT 60” dia x 90” 20,000 lbs (1524 mm dia x 2285 mm)
NITRATION 61” dia x 98.5” 13,200 lbs (1550 mm dia x 2500 mm)
DESIGN Solidworks
SIMULATION Thermal, Mechanical, Flow

Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing can thermally improve the die casting condition, resulting in reduced cycle times and extended tooling life. This is accomplished by conformal cooling channels which were impossible with conventional manufacturing processes.

We can accommodate up to 100kg or 400mm x 400mm x 400mm parts. A proprietary heat treatment systems is also in-house to guarantee consistency and short lead times.

Each additive manufactured part undergoes Thermal Simulation.

Conformal Cooling



Split Cleanout

Die Shuttle / Die Slide

Indirect Tool Container

Pressure Plate

Pressure Ring


Indirect Tool Ram

Heated Bolster

Indirect Closure Block / Ram Nose

Platen Plate

Bushing Sleeve

Small Mandrel

Shot Block

Tie Rod & Split Nuts

Piercing Mandrel

Heat Treatment & Nitration

Heat treatment, nitration and other post processes are also very important. Castool has evolved the recipes over the last 50 years to provide long life, balancing wear and ductility. These recipies are the same in Canada, Thailand, Morocco and Mexico.

We vacuum harden and quench all hot work tool steel to give the best possible microstruture. The chemistry and microstructure are examined and filed by our in-house metallurgist.

Many of our products also receive post heat treatment process, such as nitration and 3P, which add to wear resistance and extend time to failure.

Nitriding and 3P Layers

Nitriding System

Vacuum Furnace