Vacuum Controller

Vacuum Controller

When the die is closed the only openning is through the Chill Vents where the molten metal should get trapped and solidified to make sure there is enough pressure inside the die cavity for production of good quality casting. Chill Vent material must have excellent thermal conductivity and wear resistance.


A robust vacuum system reduces machine down time, production cost and energy. In addition, the casting will have high quality surface finishing.


Eliminate porosity

Large venting profile provides maximum air suction

Reduce scrap rates

Enable casting of larger, thinner and more complex parts

Increase product density and strength


Reduces rate of rejection

Ensures good surface finish for plating or powder coating

Reduces shot pressure

Increases mold life

Increases density of product

Used for aluminum, magnesium zinc, or brass

Easy to add to any cold chamber die casting process

Maintenance is minimal