ET’24 Partnership by Design : Aluminum Extrusion & Sustainability
Rosen Shingle Creek Resort, Orlando, Florida USA

April 30 – May 2, 2024


It was a hectic day at ET, with a high number of vistors and active engagement at Castool’s booth.

The first of five papers being presented by Castool at ET’24 feature Paul Robbins and Yahya Mahmoodkhani discussing Optimization and Thermally Controlled Container.

Paul Robbins and Richard Dickson are giving a presentation at the conference on how to connect the dots for optimizing productivity and achieving gains.

Castool's team

The success at ET24, marked by the overwhelming response to the presented papers, particularly “Connecting the Dots for Optimization, not just for Efficiency,” highlights the importance of addressing the extrusion business from a holistic business perspective. The recognition of this paper’s value in contributing to business success is a testament to the innovative approach and forward-thinking strategies it advocates. As preparations for ET27 are underway, focusing on the Visual Operating System software and strategies for competing with China, it’s clear that the commitment to excellence and relevance in the industry remains strong. The anticipation for the upcoming event is undoubtedly high, with the potential to influence the industry’s direction and contribute to its growth and success.