Alu-ject Sprayer

Alu-ject Sprayer

At the end of each extrusion cycle, the dummy block must separate cleanly from the butt, without removing the section from the die, and without breaking the mandrel cone in the dummy block.
Aluminum sticking can be a serious problem, especially when using the softer alloys, and with larger billets. It is essential to lubricate both the billet and the dummy block to make separation easier.


To help instantly and cleanly separate the dummy block from the billet at the end of each extrusion cycle, without pulling extruded section from the die. ALU-JECT is a non-pigmented, water based lubricant designed for billet and coating and is environmentally safe.


A carefully measured amount of lubricant is applied on the billet face

Lubricant can be purchased as a liquid, tablet or solid soap bar


Improved safety, as there is no fire risk

No graphite or oil contamination