Master Controller

Master Controller

Inputting the die size and target temperature will select the most appropriate program to heat that particular die. It will use the necessary heat head and soak time to heat the die most efficiently, and with the accuracy required.


Die to be equal to billet temperature for the first push, minimizing break through pressure enabling the use of high performance dies, reducing die breakage and eliminating start up billets

die bearing oxidation and nitride layer degradation responsible for surface defects on the profile, shorter die life, and reduced die knock-off


To heat the die uniformly to within +/- 5ºC (10ºF) of billet temperature in the minimum amount of time without over-heating and softening the die steel or damaging the nitride layer on the die bearing.


Avoids the use of higher temperature first billets

The die is individually heated to operation temperature rapidly

Dies are positively protected from overheating

Colored lights indicating the heating status of the dies