An improperly designed, manufactured or used stem can result in stem breakage. A stem break can be catastrophic, resulting in damage to the press, lost production time and possible injury.


Transmits the force of the main cylinder to the billet

Must operate under high loads without bending, cracking or upsetting


It is essential that the stem remains in complete alignment throughout the length of its stroke. It is also essential that the load is uniform. Uneven loading can result from a variety of reasons such as improper installation, distorted pressure plate, misaligned press, jammed butts (causing the container to shift), or improperly cut billets.


Longevity and safety

Only premium grade forged H-13 (1.2344) and experienced heat treatment is used

Designs are modeled using FEA and machined to reduce stress risers that may causes cracks

Stabilizing stud allows benefits of bayonet coupling with minimal lateral movement